College. Social Justice. Poorly Constructed Humor. 

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An 18 year old girl’s poignant reflection on postmodern life as a Chicago-suburban immigrant.



Who I Am

Dear fans,

My name is Tayisiya (or Taiya for short, rhymes with the karate noise), and I spend most of my days advocating for social justice and environmental conservation while being gracefully clothed in Chester Fry dust.

I currently am a freshman at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign because of my passion for the American tradition of football and the sociological effects it has on the community of “Chads” and “Jakes”, and am studying Communication, Global Studies, and Spanish. Besides blogging, I am also a writer for the Green Observer, a campus environmental magazine, am part of the ISO, am on the sketch comedy group OK Now Ladies, and am a tour guide!

In the future, I aspire to become an unforgiving environmental lawyer (Cristina Yang, but law version) and own a wrinkly dog. I am also Russian, which is why my name is that, and hope to learn how to partake in family conversations without having to defend my vegetarian lifestyle with fervor.

My biggest piece of advice to all of you embarking on the journey of life today is that if you happen to be going to Cold Stone Creamery, yes there is a kid’s size. But coming from a fellow corporation alumni, get the Gotta Have It cheesecake fantasy. No regrets. 

Love, Tayisiya


Here are some photos of the people :

Here are my best college pals: Nic, Rebecca, and Logan!

Here is my bae, aka sham, aka shram, aka Andy! He thinks he is funny and I do too, which is why I remorselessly pass off all of his jokes as my own.

Here is my Russian family, the most loving people who will always feed you and whose phone chargers I will always steal.


And here is my Papillon, Masha, a puppy superstar who resembles a squirrel-frog.


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