11 Thoughts I Have on the Daily as a New College Tour Guide

1. I most likely just rolled out of bed 15 minutes ago

wake up robot GIF by NowThis -source.gif

2. I probably should have washed my khakis 3 tours ago

Animated GIF-source.gif

3. I am running out of things to say because this is a really long street with little to no interesting things around so somebody please ask a question

happy feeling good GIF-source.gif

4. I almost just got hit by a bus walking backwards and I hope I played it cool

school bus junior plastics GIF-downsized_large.gif

5. I chose to go with my long coat and am now severely regretting that decision because it went from 2° to 97° in about half an hour

hot dog GIF-source.gif

6. I feel as though my shoelace is untying but I don’t know how to stop

jennifer lawrence falling GIF-source.gif

7. I don’t care if I have never studied abroad and none of you are currently interested in learning about it, I am still going to talk about Barcelona for a good 10 minutes

comedy central travel GIF by Broad City-source.gif

8. I accidentally just turned down the wrong street and will take a detour as though this whole thing was supposed to happen

way GIF-downsized_large.gif

9. Any questions? At all? Anyone?

the office questions GIF-source.gif

10. No, I am not aware of any good places to have lunch after, because the only things I have been eating for the last semester are Ritz crackers topped with my tears

emma roberts crying GIF by ScreamQueens-source.gif

11. Overall, while I sincerely hope you choose our university, please just enjoy food and sleep while you can

tired sam puckett GIF-source.gif

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