10 Ways to Amp Up Your T-Shirt Game

As an avid t-shirt enthusiast, I have come to learn a number of fun ways to style my t-shirts that need a little updating- 10 to be exact. I hope these ideas will help you add some personal style to your old shirts and will inspire you to reuse tees you might have forgotten you owned. Just remember to be creative and use these tips at your own discretion!

1. Cut it into a tank top

Cutting the sleeves off of a few t-shirts is a great way to expand your summer closet!


2. Poke holes in it for a distressed look

Poking little holes into an old shirt can will give it a vintage/distressed vibe and can make accidental tears look purposeful.


3. Use 3D fabric paint to make a cool design

While I lack the art skillz to do this myself, if you have drawing abilities, invest in some 3D or “puffy” fabric markers to sketch some personalized designs on plain shirts.


4. Use or send it to a t-shirt press

While purchasing a t-shirt press can be a hefty investment, it is worth it if you love the idea of having unlimited customized t-shirt prints. You can also order your designs to be printed online for yourself or a group of friends.


5. Sew on cute patches

Spice up a shirt by sewing on a patch of something you like! It’s an adorably easy way to add personality to your shirts.


6. Try your hand at embroidery

If you know how to embroider or are willing to learn, the amazing results of embroidering a t-shirt will be worth your time.


7. Tie a knot to shorten an extra long shirt

We all probably have a ton of too-long t-shirts lurking in the dark corners of our closets. Why not tie a simple knot in them to make them wearable?


8. Tie a fancier two-side knot for a crop top effect

If you are a lover of all things cropped, try a bigger double-side knot by tying both corners of your t-shirt together at the front to a shorter length of your choosing.


9. If tying isn’t your thing, just cut it!



10. Tie-die! (Especially over stains)

Don’t be upset if you stained one of your favorite comfy tees, just tie die it using darker colors over the stain and it’ll look brand new.


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